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Shalom Brothers, Sisters, and Seekers


Welcome to the website: the reason I have made it a free music website is to accomplish the ministry YaHuWaH has called me too.


"Taking The Name of YaHuWaH To The Four Corners Of The Earth"


How will this be accomplished, my hope is you will hear the free music and tell others giving them this website to freely download the songs or whole albums.  Please let me know if  you like this idea and the music. Use Contact LSM or Email me at:


All music, equipement, costs, were completely taken care of by YaHuWaH's provision and deliverence.  If you wish to contribute you may do so freely but regardless of the cost or sacrifice, this will be free to those who wish to know and love the name YaHuWaH.  I am going to contine to provide free music for as long as I am able and will be posting songs as they are given to me.


Your Ahab Friend 


Monty Love 

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