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Love Shalom Ministry

Love Family
Monty Love
Monty Love
We are a family
Who Believes In YaHuWaH

In the year 2000 the name of the Father was revealed to my family and I together as we were searching the Scriptures wanting to know the true Hebrew name of the Heavenly Father.  


"Not by flesh and blood but by my Father who is in the heaveans has revealed this to you". YaHushuwah speaking to Peter.


Realizing there was a great void for Music that uplifed and honored the Name YaHuWaH bringing esteem to Him and His Son YaHushuwah. We were given our music from the Father to proclaim His Name to the world.   


We offer this a a free gift to all so they may also learn and know the name of the Father, YaHuWaH and His Son YaHushuwah who saved me.


Love Shalom Ministry

Monty T Love


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